Here We Go

I discovered a few things in the last 19 days about cooking, eating and blog writing.  One of which is that I do not eat anywhere near enough to cook a new recipe everyday.  Secondly, I do not always have the time, energy or ingredients to make something new and different on a daily basis.  Lastly writing and posting also are not easy to do daily….

When we start new things, even with the best of intentions, they do not always work out as planned.  So I take this as my first lesson and will now be posting the recipes I have used in the past nineteen days since I started this project.  It has not been perfect, I have not always followed my intentions, but I keep coming back to them and working to eat right for my emotional, physical and spiritual health.  I realize that it is easier than I thought to eat healthy and delicious meals, but that it takes new ideas and more options to turn it into a long lasting lifestyle.  Hopefully some of the recipes that follow will be useful for you in working to make lifestyle changes or will support adjustments that you already have made.

and so, on to the recipes…


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