Day 5 Homemade Sushi!


This is something I made up on my own based upon the veggies I like in my sushi.  You can use any veggies you like but I opted for the more traditional sushi veggies (and in later sushi creations have included cucumber).  Don’t forget to get creative and to tailor your creations to your taste preference.


¼ cup carrots shredded or cut into straws

½ avocado sliced

¼ cup or less greens to add – lettuce, arugula, sprouts etc based upon preference and for texture

1 sheet of nori

Get creative and use tamari, sesame seeds, picked ginger and wasabi to season if desired/available.

I added miso ginger dressing as well.

Moisten nori with water to make it flexible so that it can be rolled up.  Add ingredients and roll up nori with ingredients inside of it.  You can use a bamboo sushi mat if you have one, or just use a flat surface like a cutting board.  Moisten the end of the nori to  make it sticky and seal sushi roll.  Let sit until seal is set and cut carefully into 5-6 pieces.  Sauce as desired (soy, tamari, nama shoyu etc) and enjoy!

This is so easy, simple and delicious and takes very few minutes to prepare. I have always loved eating sushi out, but disliked the large cost.  Now I can make sushi at home and am able to fulfill my sushi cravings without spending a lot or going anywhere! hooray!


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