Day 8 Quinoa with Avocado, Ginger Dressing and Nutritional Yeast

Day 7 I made another round of veggie sushi with cucumber, as I was craving sushi.  YUM.

Day 8 I felt lazy and threw together a few things around the house to make a balanced and filling meal in a bowl.

Ingredients and preparation:

Boil one cup quinoa in veggie broth (for extra flavor)

½ avocado chopped on top

Add condiments for flavor-  I used soy sauce, nutritional yeast and premade ginger dressing.


Throw it all in a bowl for a filling a nutritious simple dinner. For additional protein and fiber beans can be added.  For additional nutrients you can add raw or cooked veggies that you have in your fridge.

I am a fan of the macrobiotic bowl and this is my version of that- a grain, a veggie (tho avocado is indeed a fruit) and sauce (although yes, veggies would make this a more balanced and accurate macro meal, but you get the idea).  True macro bowls also include some form of sea vegetable (seaweed), bean and root vegetable depending on the season.  If you are interested in learning more about macrobiotic bowls check out this link:      or to learn more about the macrobiotic diet read the post following this…


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