Day 22 Lunch Salad

So, most of what I have been cooking recently and sharing with all of you are my dinners.  I tend to prefer to eat a salad for lunch and so I figured I would share what a typical lunch salad is for me.  I am learning the importance of “adding in” healthy foods into your diet to “crowd out” those that are not as healthy, and have been trying to add more and more veggies (of all colors and types) to maximize the vitamins and nutrients AND help decrease cravings that arise later in the day.  If I add some sweet veggies (like carrots) I find my body craves artifical sugars less.  I will happily post a diagram of sweet veggies on here to share some ideas with all of you about how to manage and minimize sugar cravings.  My salads used to be just lettuce and tomatoes and now I have a whole rainbow of colors in my salads (and in my diet). Try this in your own life and see what you can add into your diet to increase health benefits and decrease unhealthy habits.

photo (4)

Feel free to get creative with veggies you like or have in your fridge. I used carrots, radishes, parsley, sprout mix, cherry tomatoes, celery, cabbage and romaine lettuce. Eat with dressing of choice- I like ginger miso.

I tend to make my lunch the night before but will add dressing in the morning and mix into salad before eating.

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