Mint Chocolate Chip Banana Whip


3 very ripe bananas, cut into chunks and frozen
15 Fresh mint leaves
1/4 cup Dark chocolate chips


This is such a SIMPLE way to make a delicious frozen dessert that is healthy and still creamy and fulfills that craving for ice cream!  Yum.

Place bananas and mint in food processor.  Process until almost smooth and creamy.  Add chocolate chips and process until everything is creamy and has the consistency of ice cream.  Eat immediately or store in the freezer for enjoyment later. Note: once frozen the consistency becomes less creamy, and may need to sit at room temperature for a few minutes to soften up to the right texture.

Feel free to get creative and add peanut butter, different chocolate or additional spices to create layers of flavor.  I wanted something simple and healthy so I stuck with the dark chocolate and bananas.  YUMMY.


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