May Newsletter: Spring Cleaning!


Spring Cleaning!

Now that it is May, spring is finally here!  Spring feels like a starting point for rebirth, and seasonally it is a time for us to prepare for summer by lightening our winter load.  In winter our bodies tend to add extra weight to keep us warm and sustained through the cold months, but come spring it is natural to feel the need for cleansing to get rid of now unnecessary weight.  A cleanse also allows us to purge our bodies of any toxins that may have built up and can contribute to any physical symptoms or concerns that we experience.

So what does one eat during a detox?  Cleanses or Detox diets are definitely a nutritional fad these days, and can therefore confuse people due to much misinformation and varied perspectives on doing it “right”.  So when I decided to do a cleanse of my own I resisted the urge to join a group cleanse, or pick up a cleansing book, but focused on the basics of what I know about healthy eating: whole foods and organic foods.  Reduce sugar, dairy, alcohol, wheat and processed foods or eliminate them altogether.  I took grains and legumes out for this particular cleanse and kept the fats to a minimum.

Not everyone can reduce fats and proteins, so if you are considering a cleanse, know yourself in the process and make sure not to deprive yourself of nutrition and energy that you need to make it through the day.  Some cleanses can lower energy and drain the body due to their harsh methods and this is not something I wanted.  I wanted to eat cleaner, feel lighter and get my body back on track towards health.  SO that is what I did!

See my recipes for Kale Chips, Banana Whip and Kale Salad below for a taste of some healthy detox inspiration!

Here are a few ways to help you cleanse your body, mind, and life on your own:

  • Get Active: being active and exercise can be great ways to enhance the body’s natural detox system: sweat.  When we exercise our glands secrete waste through sweat and also increase our metabolism and ability to burn calories and use energy.  Exercise also decreases fat through creation of muscle which not only releases the toxins previously stored in fat cells, but reduces the number of fat cells for future toxins to get stored in
  • Drink Water: water cleanses every part of our bodies down to the cellular level and is one of the basic blocks of a healthy body.  We are x% water and use water to clean out our organs- most importantly our liver which functions as a daily detoxifier of all we put into our bodies.  Drinking at least 8 8oz cups of water a day will help our body naturally cleanse itself, but add more and you will assist the process even more.
  • Meditate:  find a way to cleanse your MIND and SPIRIT.  If you are toxin free but continue to think toxic thoughts and feel toxic feelings your body will feel differently than if you have released negativity in your heart and mind and are able to live free of the weight of negative emotions.  Our emotions influence our physical health and functioning as much as our diet and lifestyles do.  If meditation isn’t for you consider other forms of emotional healing and release like therapy, artistic expression, or other mind/body exercises.
  • Cleanse Your Space: our environments can be a source of clutter and disharmony.  Spring is a great time to get rid of unwanted belongings, clean your home or office, reorganize, redecorate or simplify the space.  Fresh air, sunshine, plants and good scents all contribute to the energy of the environment which effects you!
  • Free Your Body: Release toxins by sweating them out in a sauna, take a long warm bath, or give yourself a full body scrub to exfoliate.
  • Laugh:  Laughter is emotionally cleansing and has the ability to totally change your mood. Make sure to have laughter in your life for optimal health and coping.
  • Good Company and LOVE Spend time with loved ones to release negative energy and increase positivity through connection, company and the exchange of warmth that is nourishing and healing.
  • Positive Activity: Make sure to have fun, excitement, and joy in life for vitality and inspiration!  Try new things and invigorate your life!  Bringing new positive things into your life helps remove the old, unnecessary and outdated and begins a phase of renewal and rebirth.

Additionally I am a firm believer in Healing Therapies, and know that Acupuncture can be a very powerful detoxification tool as well as other physical therapy like Massage, Myofacial release and Craniosacral therapy.  Consider trying one of these treatments to compliment your detoxification or to enhance healing.

Start by tuning into your body and life, and looking at what no longer serves you!  Get active, start hydrating and EAT WHOLE FOODS.

If you want more information about how to improve your life and health but don’t know where to start, a Complementary Wellness Consultation with me may be the perfect thing!  To learn more call me at (215) 469-1855, email me, or check out my website to find out what you can do to detoxify as well as create health and happiness in your life!


For Cleansing Detox Recipes see Kale Chips, Mint Chocolate Banana Whip, and Massaged Kale Salad on my Blog.


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