Marinade for Grilled Veggies

Adapted from

1/3 cup balsamic vinegar (and rice wine vinegar as I ran out of balsamic)

3 tbsp EV Olive Oil

1 -2 cloves garlic minced (green garlic is what I had to use)

1 tbsp each chopped fresh herbs (I used basil and thyme, but oregano or marjoram will work too)

pinch of sea salt and ground black pepper

Wash and dry all veggies to use.  Whisk all marinade ingredients together.


I used Portabello Mushrooms and allowed them to marinate for about a half on hour before putting them on the grill.

For the asparagus I brushed them with the marinade once on the grill, and after I cooked the corn for a bit I brushed that with the marinade too to add extra flavor.

There are many ways to grill veggies, and I suppose it comes down to the method you are most comfortable with.  Everything can be grilled in little foil packets to keep the flavor in and assure even cooking, however this method prevents those tasty grill marks from occurring and giving your food that true grill flavor.  There are some health benefits to avoiding those grill marks (as burnt food consumption does have a connection to cancer potential), but if you prefer a certain taste, you may just want to put your veggies directly on the grill to get em perfectly (lightly) charred.  I find with corn it is easiest to cook it thoroughly before you put it straight onto the grill to prevent the kernels from popping, and foil is most handy in such a situation.  I also find it helpful when cooking smaller veggies or chopped veggies, especially if you don’t have a grill pan (which is a wonderful gadget to invest in if like me you love grilling but have the most basic of grills).   Grilling tells me that summer is officially here and I love how simple and tasty grilling can be!



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