Pesto Pita Pizza!


I decided to start making my own pizzas at home because I realized that I can make them taste better than the local corner dump (which is yummy, but not in any way fresh or healthy tasting).  Because it is summer when the tomatoes are divine and my herb garden is flourishing I have all the right ingredients to make the best homemade pizza.  Feel free to get creative with whatever you have!  This recipe includes local tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and my homemade Hemp Seed Basil Pesto all of which are ingredients that you can substitute for based on what you have available!  I will continue to make these and will share all of my creative efforts with you!  But this is a simple way to start and I encourage you to make your own instead of spending your money on something that won’t taste as good!

4 store bought Whole Wheat Pitas

1 ball Fresh Mozzarella Sliced thin

1 Fresh Local Organic Tomato, Sliced

Handful fresh Basil (say half a cup) enough to place 4 leaves on each pizza

4 Tbs Hemp Seed Pesto (recipe here)

Olive Oil (for drizzling)

Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper to season

Take Pita and cover with 1 Tbs Pesto.  Add tomato, followed by cheese and drizzle with Olive Oil.  Season with Sea Salt and Pepper and Place in oven.

Cook individually in toaster oven at 350, or preheat oven to cook all at once.  Cook until cheese starts to bubble and change color (about ten minutes).  Make sure not to burn your crust!  Remove from oven and top with Basil Leaves.  Then start all over for the next one!  Or make the rest and place in oven when it has reached the right temperature.

Now that I can make pizza at home I am so excited because it is simple, easy and so delicious!


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