Philadelphia Crisis Response Centers

For Emergency Treatment and Hospitalization Five Crisis Response Centers are available to serve city residents requiring emergency behavioral health services, providing needed care in a safe setting.

The Crisis Response Centers are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. A partial list of emergency services provided includes:    Medication restraints,   Acute therapeutic intervention,    In-patient hospitalization,    Referrals for outpatient care.

They are:

1)      Einstein Crisis Response Center at Germantown

Germantown Community Health Services

One Penn Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA 19144

(Near the intersection of Chew Avenue and Olney Avenue, next to La Salle University)


2)      Friends Hospital Crisis Response Center

4641 Roosevelt Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA 19124


3)      Hall-Mercer Crisis Response Center (Center City/South Philadelphia)

245 S 8th Street

Philadelphia, PA  19107


4)      Temple University/Episcopal Crisis Response Center (North Philadelphia)

100 East Lehigh Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19125


5)      Mercy Hospital Crisis Response Center (West Philadelphia)

5401 Cedar Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19143


6)      Children’s Crisis Treatment Center
1080 North Delaware Avenue, Suite 600
Philadelphia, PA 19125 
P: 215-496-0707

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