Navigating Transition: Basking In The Unknown


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Navigating Transition: Basking In The Unknown

I want to wish all of my readers a Happy New Year!  I hope that 2014 brings you much love, happiness, health, and growth for you in whatever adventures you undertake this year!

South Philly Fireworks, New Years Eve

South Philly Fireworks, New Years Eve

It has been about 6 months since my last newsletter and what a stressful period this had been for me!  I have written about my experiences here, and how I have, through multiple obstacles, increased my patience, acceptance, and trust in the universe.  I truly appreciate how my challenges have led me to my accomplishments and forced me to gain insights about life and myself that I would have never otherwise learned.  I am finally able to see how the events of life are truly synchronistic, in that my difficulties have been linked to my opportunities, and that every step has had its purpose (regardless of my lack of awareness).  To say that we learn something or get something out of every situation is an understatement.  Today I try to remember that what feels like a barrier to progress, may just contain the key piece of the solution to moving forward.  I hope that you can all see how this may play out in your own lives, to help you navigate the hard times.  I now remind myself that even in the toughest situations, that there will always be an opening for positive change if I look for it.
So I have made it successfully through one difficult time and now find myself in both a time of transition and rebirth.  I have (so far and as much as I know how to) completed all requirements to FINALLY transfer my counseling license to Pennsylvania after living her for 3.5 years.  I do hope that this is as complete as I believe it to be, and that the state will not pull another delay out of their beaurocratic hat.  Keep your fingers crossed for me folks!  I also achieved my Certification in Holistic Health Coaching in October making me an official lifestyle and nutrition coach (which I’ll label Wellness).  Now that I have (hopefully) achieved my professional goals, it is time for me to focus on growth and evolution for the future!  It can be both exhilarating and frightening to be in such a position, as achievement feels amazing, yet progress requires growth, and growing can be scary.  We all at times deal with the uncertainty of the future, and this unknown can be rather intimidating for us.  I am working to be mindful and conscious of what I have learned in my recent struggles, and how I feel at the present, to remind myself not to be fearful (because the universe has my back), to be courageous (because there is as much potential for success as there is for failure, and even in failure there’s a lesson), and to be positive and self-compassionate with myself (because experiences are only negative if we make them negative, and if I love and care for myself than success and failure don’t really matter – right?  Experience is experience and our mind assigns things value such as good and bad).
The hopefully-not-surprising truth is that I am just as human as you are, and I feel my emotions just like you do.  I feel fear, insecurity, and doubt just like you, and although it may betray my “professional” boundaries to share this with you (because people often imagine their healers as perfectly healed themselves) I would hope that anyone would want a therapist who is still working on themselves and engaged with the emotional struggles of being human.  (Plus let’s be honest, who isn’t a perpetual emotional work in progress?  I’d be perplexed by a person who no longer feels their emotional ups and downs, they are a part of existence).  And so this is an interesting time for me, full of hope and a lot of emotional confusion.  After spending the past three and a half years working to build my career, I feel pulled to focus on something I have sadly lost touch with- self-care.  I tend to put my responsibilities first (as my family system taught me) and have been so focused on managing my professional responsibilities that I ignored some of my responsibility to myself.
So while I am tempted to continue to focus on professional goals, I know now is a time to tune into myself, and to make more time for self-reflection, creative expression, meditation, exercise, and quiet healing.  As a therapist I can only help my clients as much as I help myself.  I am more and more accepting of the fact that it is not the professional training or education that help me help my clients, but my own self-awareness, emotional intuition, and self-care that allows me to support and assist others.  To be fully present with clients in their struggles I must be fully present and able to sit with my own difficulties, which I am working always to do.  Instead of diving right into business, I plan to take this month to care for myself inside and out, and to revise the things that have not been working in my life so that I can give myself what I need.  Hooray!  It is wonderful to finally have the time to focus on myself and I am not even entertaining the negative thoughts that might tell me that I should have been doing these things all along!  This is where I am, and I can only move forward from this point on!  Looking backwards is a waste of time, and shoulds should be ignored! Let’s not put pressure on ourselves to be anyone other than who we are or anywhere other than where we are!  I look forward to sharing my adventures in self-care this month and will continue to put recipes and articles on my blog for those of you who want to learn simple healthy cooking, and about relationships, emotional health, and blossoming into your most authentic self.


I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of my community and support system!  I cannot build community alone and know that the work I do would be meaningless if I did not have others to help or share with.  Thank you!  And while this may not be comfortable for me, I am aware that I do need to ask all of you for your assistance in sharing my services with others, and helping me to get my message out there so that I can reach those people who could truly benefit from my help.  As a therapist (and not someone in sales or marketing) the business aspect of being a professional can be daunting as the skills required are often counter intuitive (literally) to those that I professionally use.  But without advertising and marketing, I am unable to share my services with those in need, and so I am asking of you today to consider forwarding this email to anyone you think may be interested in health, emotions, relationships, self-esteem, healing, growth, or spirituality.  I will plan to include in my next newsletter suggestions on gentle ways to help people you care about consider therapy, as I know it can be very difficult to express concerns to others without fear of their reaction or resistance.  Often people want help, but are unsure of what to do or where to turn, and so they do nothing.  In sharing my writing my hope is to connect with someone in need, to inspire someone to seek help, to remind others that life is difficult, but that we can get through it successfully through connection and support.  Most of us just want to know that we are not alone in our struggles, and so I do hope that you will share my words with others, so that maybe someone feels a little less alone in and more hopeful about their difficulties today!

Broad and Lehigh Sts, North Philadelphia

Broad and Lehigh Sts, North Philadelphia

Workshops & New Destinations

  • January 11th is Positive Change in 2014: Philly Punx Community Workshop !  This workshop has been created to educate, support, and empower individuals in the punk community around issues that impact everyone, specifically: mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence.  We hope to promote dialogue, provide resources, and create ongoing networks for those in need, as well as their supporters.  This event is FREE and will run from 1pm-6pm at the Beaumont Warehouse, followed by a show (of course, which is not free and will help offset the cost of the workshops).  For more information please contact me!
  • Future Heads Up!: February 25th I will be presenting Towards A Calmer, More Peaceful Life: Steps You Can Take exploring stress, its effects on physical and emotions health, and methods of coping.  This event will take place at the Main Public Library (1901 Vine Street) as a part of their annual book series One Book, One Philadelphia.  I will share the origins of stress, the biological components of stress, and ways that we can work to manage and reduce stress.  I hope that you will join me, and learn new ways to achieve relaxation and peace.  More information available here.
  • Main Line Counseling Center is now Main Line Counseling and Wellness Center, and has moved to 600 Haverford Road, Suite 201, Haverford, PA 19041.  In addition to Psychotherapy services we now offer a full range of wellness modalities including Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropraction, Child Birth Support, Yoga and More!  We will have ongoing workshops from our practitioners as well as outside professionals to educate clients around holistic health and wellness.  We are currently preparing our Winter Workshop series and more information will be available on our website here as things develop! I will make sure to keep you all posted about our exciting events!
  • Art of Wellness is currently in the process of moving to 1930 South Broad Street’s Constitution Health Plaza where we hope to bring our holistic healing modalities to a larger community in South Philadelphia.  I will make sure to inform you all when we reopen!

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