Philly Food Works Summer 2014 CSA!

I am so lucky to be building a wonderful relationship with my CSA, Philly Foodworks (previously Neighborhood Foods), who continue to push the limits of how local, organic, and sustainable goods make it to your home and table.  I am thankful to have them as a part of my community and believe wholeheartedly in supporting and building relationships with others who share my vision of life and engender my ethics, morals, and values around food, agriculture, the environment, and what it is to live together, instead of as the islands we have become!

With that, Philly Foodworks is offering a wonderful savings to friends and family of previous CSA members, which makes you lucky as I am one!  If you sign up as a CSA member you will receive $10.00 off of the cost of your share, and will have the ability to list me as your referral giving me some lovely perks as well.  Below is a more detailed description of the CSA, what it offers, and how it works from Dylan Baird who runs the whole program.  Feel free to get in touch with him if you have any questions or need additional information.  His contact information is below.  If you want to find out more about being a CSA member, I will happily share my experiences when you get in touch 🙂

Philly Foodworks has grown out of a citywide demand for a community food system. This system encompasses farmers, chefs, artisans, entrepreneurs, activists, educators and customers who desire good food. Philly Foodworks is taking local and compassionate food out of a niche market and bringing it to everyone.

We run a CSA (farm share program in which customers receive weekly deliveries of produce) and local food distribution system that helps producers secure and build their business, while increasing access of their products to all Philadelphians. CSA members can customize their shares to the degree they desire and are reimbursed when they can not pick up their share. They can also receive their boxes at home through Wash Cycle Laundry’s bicycle delivery system.

CSA Details:

Length: May 26th-October 23rd (22 weeks)


Your Choice: $395 (six items, choose everything)

Mixed Choice: $395 (six items, you choose some things, farmer chooses some things)

Farmers Choice: $625 (10 items, farmer chooses)

Products available besides vegetables: meat, dairy, fruit, bread, jam, honey, hummus, beef jerky, soup, condiments, desserts and much more coming!

Location: all over the city and Main Line

Food Access

Using the same infrastructure, we’ve partnered with the Urban Tree Connection to establish a community buying club system. This will bring the same high quality food accessible through our CSA to four low-income neighborhoods at below market rate.

Feel free to email or check out our website and CSA. Keep an eye out for us around town, the Philly Foodworks is just underway.

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