Garlic and Ginger Greens

2 Large handfuls of greens (Spinach, Beet Greens & Radish Greens)

1 Clove Garlic, Pressed

1″ Ginger, minced

1 Tbsp or less Oil

Sea Salt and fresh ground Pepper for taste.

This does not even feel sufficient enough to be called a recipe for me!  I pretty much took a large handful of spinach, another large handful of greens (beet greens and radish greens) and sauteed them in a pan over medium heat with a bit of Oil, a pressed clove of garlic and about an 1″ of ginger minced.

Thats it!  You can get creative with your greens, your oil, the amount of aromatics (Garlic and Ginger) and if you want to add either salt or pepper to enhance the flavors of the dish.  I made these greens to go with my macrobiotic bowl and so I didn’t feel I needed to add much else to make this delicious besides my Miso Ginger Dressing.


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