Spring Macrobiotic Bowl

photo 1(1)

Ginger Dressing (recipe here)

Boiled Chickpeas with Kombu

Greens sauteed in Garlic and Ginger (recipe here)

Avocado, sliced

Carrot, shredded

Radish, shredded

Quinoa (boiled in vegetable broth)

Shitake Mushrooms, pan fried (for tips see this recipe).


A macrobiotic bowl is a dietary staple of the macrobiotic diet which aims to create balance.  I am not going to go into the theory behind the diet but you can read more here.  This is MY VERSION and may not be an accurate macrobiotic bowl as I did not include any fermented ingredients, which are a true component of a macrobiotic meal.  I also did not use a ton of seaweed in this recipe (only with the chickpeas and as a condiment on top) so please do not treat this as a true macro dish.  However it is vegan and does have the major components of a macro bowl: Greens, grains,  & veggies so this is my variation upon the theme, and can really be made of any veggies, beans or grains that you like.  I like ginger miso dressing, but lots of people prefer Tahini or simply Soy Sauce.  I encourage you to do your research if you are new to this dish to see the creative possibilities!


A few notes on my preparation:

*I used dried beans instead of canned which are way healthier for you for so many reasons  When using dried beans you need to let them soak in water for at least 12-24 hours, then drain them and boil.  I boiled my chickpeas with kombu for added flavor and to infuse the seaweed’s nutrients into my chickpeas.

*I cook my quinoa in veggie broth.  The only difference from how you’d normally cook it is that I use broth instead of water, which adds a bit more flavor.

*The more color the better!  You know you’ve got a balanced macro platter when every color of the rainbow is represented!

photo 2(1)


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