Why You’re Missing Out

Hello friends and readers!

I just wanted to make sure you are all aware of recent limits that may have made it hard to see anything I am sharing with you on social media and to receive my newsletters, which I just know you are missing!  So I would love to help you to address these barriers so that we can continue to remain connected and I can continue to build a lovely community of like minded individuals!


At this point certain media outlets, who I will not mention, are limiting the amount of information I can share and who can see it.  I understand that free advertising can only last so long, and so I am not angry about this, but do wish that I had been notified so that I could adjust my practices, but never the less… If you want to continue to follow my page on this platform, than you may have to directly visit my page or take extra steps to indicate that you want to continue to see what I have to share.  Eventually I hope to do most of my online publishing through my website, and hopefully that will be a central location for all Lisa related things (recipes, mindfulness, resources, quotes, inspiration, art etc)…

Another detail that I am aware of is that most business newsletters (mine as well as others) are now being separated by your Gmail accounts and instead of going directly into your Primary mailbox, being put in your Promotions folder, or even worse, Spam!  Don’t let this happen, and risk missing out on my tidbits of awesome!  To change how your mail is delivered you can select and drag my newsletters into your Primary folder, or you can click on the small triangle on the left side of your phone screen and select move from the icons shown.  You can then move the email into your Primary folder and hopefully all upcoming newsletters will follow suit.  If you need any help doing this, please don’t hesitate to ask OR watch this helpful video on You Tube!

In this ever evolving world of technology we need to be constantly readjusting to accommodate the barrage of change that appears to be continuous.  I thank you for your support as I continue to adjust to the changes around me so that I can be more accessible and more capable of helping all of you!

Have a lovely day!  Don’t forget to go outside and enjoy this beautiful season, and thank you for your much appreciated support!


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