My Goals

Setting goals is a GREAT way to help ourselves plan for success by setting an intention and figuring out a way to accomplish it!  We’ve all heard the saying that a failure to plan is a plan to fail.  Begin to think about your goals and the steps that you can take to accomplish them before you begin any process.


My primary goal in this process is to help myself find new ways to eat better, feel healthier and be happier, but I also wanted to detoxify my body after a busy and indulgent holiday season.  I am not so much a person with WILLPOWER when it comes to food, unless I have a good reason to abstain from a craving when it arises.  I can eat well, but I also can eat very unwell as alcohol, sugar, dairy and pizza all have a way of overriding any amount of dedication I have to a DIET.  And so I know that to make this successful it cannot be a diet where the attitude is about limitation and withholding, but more of a plan of health where I allow myself the things that I want, but make sure to “crowd in” or add a lot of healthy things that my body needs.


Planning is important when trying something new, like this mostly RAW and VEGAN diet as I am neither a vegan nor a raw foodist on a daily basis, so I need to make sure that I have what I need IN ADVANCE to easily prepare my meals.  Also as I stated above I often have food craving and knowing healthy alternatives to the things I like can prevent me from making unhealthy decisions because when left to last minute without a plan, we often reach for the easiest, least healthy option.   So knowing myself and my eating habits I decided to create a set of guidelines and steps to take for success.


I intend to:

Eat mostly raw and vegan for the month of January to detox my body and learn about the effects.  I will drink more than enough water daily (more than 8 8oz cups).  I will try to exercise on the days that I know I will have time (4 a week).


Prepare food/Cook most days of the week to try new things, enjoy the creative process of cooking as it inspires me and learn new ways of preparing food to increase my confidence in my cooking and inspire me to cook more.  Home cooked meals are healthier and also have LOVE in them which only increases health and positivity.


Allow myself to have what I want, but in moderation and in healthier ways.  I will only eat whole wheat pizza (and only once a week on Sundays as this is my usual routine).  I will try to avoid unhealthy fats, simple carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol and dairy although I will not remove these things from my diet since total abstinence only stimulates cravings and sets us up for failure.  I will only let myself eat candy if I really want it, and will try to instead eat healthy sweets like fruit, sweet veggies OR drink tea with honey in it.  In preparation I go to the Market during the weekend so that I have everything in my home when I am ready to cook.  Additionally I always have grains, beans and frozen healthy options around IN CASE I need to change up the plan and will create a list of easy go-to recipes for last minute inspiration.  I will keep this plan in mind every week.  For me the key is preparation, and knowing myself as I know what works for me, and also what does not.


If you are unsure of what works for you, I suggest you begin by looking at current eating habits, cravings, cooking habits and what has or has not worked for you when trying to eat healthier.  If this is the first step that you are taking to improve your health, it is best to go into the process with an open mind and a flexible perspective and see what you learn.  The only things that will work to increase your health are the things that work for YOU in YOUR life.  If you cant make it work for your life you probably wont be successful in making it a part of your habits and lifestyle.


With that said, here is my food adventure!

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