Preparation Notes

There are certain things you may decide you need to become a raw or vegan eater due to the preparation of some items.  Most raw recipes require a blender, food processor or both and sometimes a lack of appliances can effect what we are able to create.  I believe that as long as there is one of these items in your kitchen you should be able to create most of the recipes I share.  Additionally many foods can be shredded or “processed” using a grater, mandolin or other kitchen utensil so see if there is a manual option before you decide to spend money on appliances.


Similarly you do not have to follow every recipe exactly.  Many times things can be adjusted based upon preference or availability.  Most times veggies can be substituted for other veggies, fruit for fruit, one sweetener for another (honey instead of syrup), one type of nut for another, seasonings, oils etc.  Recipes are just a guideline of something that someone else tried that was successful for them!  You can get creative especially if you are missing an ingredient or have something you need to use up before it goes bad.  Treat cooking like an artistic skill building process.  If you make something you like, great, you have another tool in your kit.  If you make something you dislike or that doesn’t work, then you’ve learned about what not to do or what you don’t like.  You cant really go wrong as long as you TRY!


Cost is always an issue as we live in difficult economic times.  Eating healthiest can be expensive, so while it may be ideal, it may not be realistic for your budget.  Things are not always realistic for whatever our life situation is, and so I just want to emphasize that the goal is to do the best you can-  whatever you have available to you will work!  I use dried beans, but you can use canned beans, or sprouted beans or something else altogether.  I use organic produce sometimes and commercial produce sometimes, but you can use frozen or canned if that’s what you have available.  Same goes for preparation, spices etc.  There is no judgement here about what is healthiest, just excitement that your health and wellbeing have become important to you.  I acknowledged that for some this has been a costly lifestyle change, and believe that health is an individualized process based upon what is possible for you at the present time.


I have learned from practice that the more you cook, the more confident of a cook you become and the more you like your own creations.  Start with health versions of things you already know you like and then go from there.  If you dislike something and a recipe calls for it you can decide to try it, or decide to substitute something you know you like.  Have patience, faith and confidence in yourself!  If you can keep trying things your self awareness will continue to grow and so will your sense of wellness!  Don’t forget to have fun!  We enjoy eating and that enjoyment CAN and SHOULD be a part of our healthy meals!  Learn to eat what you love in new ways and you’ll be able to eat healthy for a lifetime!

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