Beet Latkes

I made these for a party at our house and they were eaten before I could photograph them!

Made traditionally like a potato latke, based off of this recipe at all

4 Large Beets, shredded

1 Yellow Onion, shredded

2 Eggs, scrambled

1 Tsp Salt (or more)

4 Tbsp Chick Pea Flour

Ground Black Pepper to taste

Butter (or Oil) for cooking


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until well combined.

Heat Butter or Oil over medium to medium high heat in a large frying pan.  Once heated use a tablespoon to spoon 2-3 spoon sized Latkes into your pan.  Flatten with a spatula or fork and cook until seared on one side (3-5 minutes).  Flip and allow to cook through thoroughly (about 10 minutes).

Serve with Apple sauce, Sour cream, and a sprinkling of Chives!  Yum.  You won’t even know that you’re eating healthy.

Beet and Feta Burgers

photo 2(19)


I wanted to make something new with my beets last week and so I went a hunting for a new recipe and found this gem.  Perfect for making ahead of time, storing and reheating in the oven these were so simple on nights when I just wanted to eat without thinking!  Spread with Garlic Yogurt Sauce for extra deliciousness!


3 cups grated raw Beets (about 3-5 medium-large Beets)

1 small Onion grated

2 cloves Garlic, pressed

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

2 Eggs

1 1/2 cup Rolled Oats (I may have used Steel cut)

7 oz Feta Cheese (or Tofu as a Vegan substitute)

1 handful fresh Basil leaves, chiffoned

Sea Salt and fresh ground Black Pepper

2 Tbsp Grapeseed (or other high heat oil) for frying


1.  Take all grated/pressed items: Beets, Onions and Garlic and combine in a large bowl.  You can grate them with a box grater or a food processor.

2.  Add 2 Tbsp Olive Oil, Eggs, and Rolled Oats to bowl with Beet/Onion/Garlic mixture and combine thoroughly.

3.  Then add Feta or Tofu, Basil, Salt and Pepper and stir again to combine all ingredients.

4.  Set aside to sit so that Oats absorb liquid and the mixture begins to set, this will ensure that your patties bind together and don’t fall apart when cooked.

5.  Begin to make patties with your hands, and test to see how they stay together.  If they are too lose add more Oats.  Mixture should make about 6-8 patties, depending on size.  Then…. Cook!

6.  Cook patties on the grill, or in a pan.  If using a pan add Grapeseed Oil and then fry on each side for 5-10 minutes.


Serve or allow to cool and store in the fridge.  You can eat these like burgers in a bun with all the fixins, or you can treat these like potato pancakes and eat on their own.  However you eat them they are delicious!



Pickled Beets


Another pickling recipe from Kelly Carrolata

My batch came out looking rather small for the jar I used, and I will be curious to hear of your results.  The beets tasted delicious no matter!


2 medium beets, sliced into 1/4 inch slices

water, as needed

1/2 Cup Rice Wine Vinegar

1/8 teaspoon pickling or canning salt (non iodized)

1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar (recipe calls for straight Apple Cider, but I didn’t realize and used vinegar)

1 medium Bay leaf


1. in a small sauce pan cover beets with water, then bring to a boil, lower heat, and simmer for 15 minutes.

Drain beets and then place in a pint sized glass canning jar.

2. Bring Rice Wine Vinegar, salt, apple cider, and bay leaf to a boil in a small saucepan.  Lower heat and allow to simmer for 2 minutes.

3.  Pour hot vinegar mixture over beets and cover.  Refrigerate at least overnight to allow to pickle.  Beet will keep for a few days to a week in the fridge.  Drain liquid before eating!


Beet and Potato Hash

2-3 large Beets

2-3 large Potatoes

1/2 cup Bell Pepper (green, orange, yellow or red will do), diced

1/4 cup Onion diced

Salt, fresh ground Black Pepper, Sea Salt

2 Tbsp Grapeseed Oil


This was a throw a bunch of stuff together kinda dish.  I’m kinda tired of beets being so sweet, so I wanted to see how I could lean them towards the savory, so I treated them like potatoes.  If you have less of more of the above ingredients, feel free to play with proportions and ingredients.  I literally tossed the chopped potatoes, beets, peppers and onions with the oil and seasonings in a bowl, placed it all in a foil packet and threw it on the grill.  You could use your oven too, or a skillet on your stove top, but I was grilling already so I kept it simple.  This turned out really yummy and hearty, sprinkle with cheese and enjoy!

The break down:

Throw all veggies in a bowl with Oil and Spices.  Mix well until all veggies are oiled.

Light your grill and let it heat up (or let the charcoals burn through).

Place veggies in foil and fold up into a lovely package for grilling.

Throw packet on the grill and cook for 15-30 minutes depending on your grill and on how crispy you like your hash.  (check ingredients every 5-10 minutes to prevent burning)

Eat, eat with cheese, or hold onto for a tasty leftover!  Enjoy!

Roasted Beet Salad




1 bunch beets, washed w greens and tail removed
1 cup spinach leaves washed
1/8-1/4 cup Gouda, chopped in small pieces
Handful of walnuts, roasted for extra flavor
Balsamic dressing of choice
Sea salt


The base of this recipe is roasted beets and i simply got creative with what I had in my kitchen.  You could use different cheese, different nuts, roasted nuts and other greens if your particular taste varies from the recipe.  All you need is roasted beets and you can throw the rest together very quickly.

Preheat oven to 400 and remove Beet tail and tops.  No need to peel or clean them!  Wrap beets in aluminum foil and place on a rimmed baking sheet (see below).  Place in the oven and roast for 45 minutes.


Let beets cool and remove skin if you desire (it will pretty much peel off although you can just eat it if you like!).  Cube the beets and either use or store for later usage.

To roast nuts, simply place on a baking sheet in your toaster oven and turn dial to medium-low toast.  You want them to get golden without browning much.

To create this salad simply take spinach, nuts, cheese and beets and toss together in a bowl.  Add dressing, salt and pepper for taste and enjoy!

Beets are wonderfully detoxifying and healthy and are so EASY to make.  Plus they certainly add deliciousness to any salad and create additional layers of flavor.  I love em!