Fermentation basics with Phickle! Sauerkraut and Kombucha!

booch and kraut

Recipes (click on link):



I took a class about fermentation with Amanda Feifer of Phickle Philly at Greensgrow recently and am excited to share what I have learned and spread the word about this easy food fun (and deliciousness).  Her recipes are at the above links!

After 5 days I tried my kombucha and it was perfectly sweet and tangy.  At 9 days it looked like this and I decided it was time to make more sweet tea to refill my jar.  I will keep you posted about how my next (unsupervised) batch turns out.


Sauerkraut takes longer to ferment, and after tasting it I know it has a lot longer to go before it reaches a sourness that is strong enough for me.  I like things (pickles most notably) extra sour, so I will learn as I go along about how long I like to let me Sauerkraut sit.  That’s definitely the beauty of some fermentation processes- you get to taste as you go and see how taste evolves, mellows, strengthens etc. over time, and can witness the actual process of fermentation.  Yay!  I am turning more and more into a food nerd and loving it!