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Getting Back to Nature in April


April is the month I start to expect warmer weather, start to think about being in and with nature, and get to feel the amazing energy of everything returning to life!

I don’t know if you have noticed but the change in weather and temperature has a wonderful effect upon our emotions and our energy.  The warmth and sun has a way of helping us be happy and feel alive again, as if we are plants in bloom after a frosty winter or animals coming out of hibernation.  I love this time of year, and love how it feels to emerge from the dormancy that winter triggers within us into an exciting time of growth and awakening.  And this makes me want to spend more time in nature, feeling the sun, the warmth and the joy of being alive!

How much time do you spend in nature? After living in cities for the past ten or so years, I have learned that I ALWAYS need a break from the urban hustle and bustle, and really enjoy the quiet of a totally natural environment and how effortless it is to ease into a slow paced quiet life when there.  Nature for me is a connection with stillness, balance, and acceptance, a more complex yet simplified way of life.  Nature allows me to be in the present moment and to feel centered for what is simply is: there is no perfection, there is no rush, there is no resistance, nature just is.  And being in nature helps me to absorb this acceptance and reminds me that things will always be what they are, and I am just a part of the natural order too.  And that it is ok to just be, because there really isn’t another option sometimes.  Some people meditate to accomplish this awareness, but for me there is nothing better than direct contact and immersion in something greater than me that creates a wise perspective and calmed mind.  It is positive for my spirit, opens me up to universal love and connectivity, and good for my body in so many ways.  Getting to a park, the beach, the woods, a lake, ANYWHERE that is natural is something I must do to take care of myself and manage the stress of daily life.  A simple walk in the sun makes all the difference.

So I can’t wait to go camping this spring!  I am also thinking heavily about starting a container garden, volunteering at a local farm, or taking some sort of classes….  I am also considering other projects such as pickling and fermenting.  But we’ll see.

What does spring stir within you and what helps you connect to the present as well as the bigger picture?  How do you connect with nature and how does your environment influence your mood?  If there’s something you’ve never done that you always wanted to do I encourage you to do it!  You’ll never know what you can learn until you do it!
Up Next: Cleansing recipes for a Spring Detox

The next two weeks I will be doing a modified detoxification diet of mostly fruits and vegetables to jump start my adjustment to spring and to cleanse anything nasty that has built up in my body and is keeping me from feeling my best.  I can’t wait to share my experience, results and recipes with you in my next newsletter!


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I am also working to begin teaching a series of cooking classes and am curious to hear from my readers about what they would like to learn.  Are you curious about transitioning to a new diet, struggling to get inspired in the kitchen or think that eating healthy cannot be delicious?  I’d love to hear about how I can inspire you to get creative and nutritious in your kitchen!  And if you’re in need of some inspiration check out my recipe and nutrition blog  (http://www.lisaresnicktherapy.wordpress.com) where I share my adventures in health eating and kitchen artistry.  I love food, and can’t wait to share my love with all of you!

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