Philadelphia Medical Clinics

Federal Health Centers

Health Care is available to uninsured and low-income people through a variety of programs. No one should be forced to do without health care. A more detailed description of health programs is found in another UIC publication called Guaranteeing Health Care for Pennsylvania’s Uninsured.
This section covers how to see a doctor and what health care programs are available for low income and uninsured people, including hospital care.

How to see a Doctor

It is a difficult task for many uninsured people to find a doctor to provide needed medical services. Without health insurance this proves to be a difficult task. Throughout Philadelphia and the suburbs there are city, federal and community health centers that provide free or low-cost health care to uninsured individuals. They may charge a small fee for services, depending on your income and family, but services are free for those who cannot afford to pay. These health centers will provide quality care to people whether or not they have insurance.

Each of the health centers offers a variety of services and not all of the health centers offer the same services. Services available at the health centers include internal medicine, pediatrics, family practice, lab tests, X-rays, immunizations, dental care for children, minimal dental care for adults, prenatal care as part of the Maternal and Infant Care Program, family planning services and the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Food Program. The Centers will also fill prescriptions written by their doctors. Some health centers have evening hours and some help arrange transportation for you. A number of the clinics have staff that speak Spanish and others have staff that speak some Asian languages and Russian.

Be sure to call ahead to find which health center has the services you need.

Federal Health Centers

Federal Health Centers are federally funded health centers that also provide low cost Health Care. Generally at federal health centers you may be asked to pay a small fee for services.

Services Provided

  • Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT)
  • Family Planning Services
  • Social Services (Counseling)
  • Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC)
  • Food Supplement Program
  • Maternal and Infant Care Program (MIC)
  • Physical Examinations, Internal medicine

Call each center for individual hours and additional services.

North Philadelphia

Fairmount Health Center (15th and Fairmount) 215-235-7944
Quality Community Healthcare 2813 W. Diamond St (215) 765-6690
Quality Community Healthcare 2501 West Lehigh Ave (215) 843-2580
Hunting Park Health Center (20th and Hunting Park) (215) 739-4950
Maria de Los Santos Health Center 452 W Allegheny (215) 235-1818
APM Community Center (Front and Westmoreland) 215-339-5100
APM Community Health Center (6th and Susquehanna) 215-763-4445
Broad Street Clinic 1415 North Broad St. (Broad and Master) 215-227-0300
Hope Clinic Broad and Susquehanna) (215) 236-0315
Temple Health Connection (1035 West Berks) (215) 685-2684

Northeast Philadelphia

Frankford Ave. Health Center 4510 Frankford Ave.(Frankford and Sellers 215-471-2761
LaSalle Health Center (Rising Sun and Adams) (215) 235-9600

Southeast Philadelphia

South East Health Center 930 Washington Ave (215) 769-1100
Wilson Park Center 2520 Snyder Ave. 215-755-7700

West and Southwest Philadelphia

Health Annex- PENN Nursing Network (5803 Kingsessing) (215) 728-6404
Haddington Health Center 5619 Vine St. 215-291-2500
Woodland Ave. Health Center (55th and Woodland) (215) 726-9807
Vaux Family Health 260 S Broad St 215-985-2500

Center City

Mary Howard Health Center 125 South 9th Street (215) 228-9300
11th Street Medical Help & Services 850 North 11th Street (215) 744-1302