Why I Started This Blog

Although there are many reasons I have started this blog, the most important one is for motivation.  I, like many of you, wanted to start the New Year off right by detoxifying my body, getting rid of holiday gained weight and by starting new eating habits that I hope will lead to an adjusted lifestyle of healthier eating and active living.  I have always been a “healthy” eater and have always enjoyed exercise, but I also have a hard time creating healthy routines that are long lasting lifestyle changes.  I, like you probably, am able to start good habits but often have trouble maintaining them after the goal has been accomplished.  It had been suggested to me that I find my motivation or that I get an accountability partner, but I realized that my only motivation is me, and that the only person I want to be accountable to is me.  SOOOO if I start a blog to share my new project, than the motivation is the project and the side effect is the improved nutrition, lost weight, lifestyle changes and knowledge gained. I am excited that I have figured out a way to inspire myself and hope that you can find a reason to take steps towards your health goals whatever they may be.  Once we have found a reason to make a change, then we can start to plan for action!  I hope that my inspiration can rub off on you, as there are SO MANY reasons to make positive lifestyle changes!


Another reason I have decided to do this is because it represents a new creative project and both cooking and creativity are important activities in my life because they are self nourishing and make me feel good.  I think it is SO IMPORTANT to love and care for myself, and so this is a project that is also about making a commitment to myself about being creative and giving back to me.  A huge goal in my life is to learn to balance stress, and creativity (as well as proper eating and exercise) is a huge tool to accomplish that balance.

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