Why Read My Blog?

There are so many resources to consult with from books, to internet, to TV when looking to improve your physical and emotional health, and you may be wondering what my perspective has to share that is unique.


First of all, I am just like you.  I am not a trained chef, personal trainer or health coach (just yet).  I don’t really know what I am doing, except following the most general of health guidelines and nutrition suggestions.  I am still learning, things are still new to me, and I don’t always know how what I make will turn out.  Often we get intimidated by recipes, ingredients, and techniques but I am just like you trying new things and hoping that they work!


Secondly my life is as busy, stressful and limited as yours!  I don’t always have time to make a home cooked meal daily, I don’t have and often can’t afford every exotic item in the health food store, AND sometimes I just want to eat what I want and forget about being healthy.  So I am not trying to give up the things I enjoy that are nutritionally lacking or harmful, and I don’t expect anyone to give up the things that they enjoy.


The attitude I have towards this process and towards being healthy, is that it is important to eat lots of the good stuff (fruits and veggies), to eat other stuff IN MODERATION, to know your body and yourself (what you need, what doesn’t work) and to cater your health plan to what is realistic for you.  There is no point in creating unrealistic goals, and so you must know yourself in this process and create healthy habits that work for YOU in YOUR life (it doesn’t matter what works for me in mine if you cant apply it to you!).


So with that in mind I hope to motivate you to create simple, easy and personalized steps towards YOUR health goals with tips, recipes and suggestions.

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